Prepare for Pushback: How to Keep Growing When You Feel Unsupported

The gains you make in therapy, and the changes they inspire, may not be embraced by others in your life.  Read my GoodTherapy blog to learn how to deal with pushback and keep growing. If you're interested in learning more about how to maintain your growth and set healthy boundaries even when your loved ones struggle to support you, individual therapy can help. Pushback can be painful, but with support from a therapist, you can learn to manage the distress without sacrificing yourself. If the people in  your life would like to learn how to support you, you may benefit from couples or family therapy. In session, you can all work together to draw healthier boundaries and understand your personal growth more clearly. Inviting friends, family, and partners into your therapy can be an enlightening and bonding experience for all of you. Contact me for more information!