Relationship Health

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Relationships are vital to our existence. When we have them, we feel alive. When we don't, we feel a longing to be seen and heard. 

It's not as simple as having people around us, either. It's about the depth of connection we experience and how free we feel to be fully ourselves with them. 

And before we can let ourselves be that genuine with someone else, we have to be truly connected to ourselves.

The more we strengthen the relationships we have with ourselves, the more we can develop strong and healthy relationships with those we love.

Whether we work on developing self-awareness and emotional health on our own or within the context of our intimate or family relationships, we will have to face our way of being in the world.

How do you feel about your relationships? 

How do you show up for yourself and those around you?

When we connect to others, we open ourselves up to the core beliefs, uncomfortable emotions, and past experiences that become the filter through which we relate. These same beliefs, feelings, and experiences also filter how we see ourselves. 

What would it be like to develop clarity about who you are and what you can offer those around you?

What would it be like to share yourself with those you love without compromising your sense of self?

What would it be like to know where you end and others begin?

If you're curious about finding the answers to these questions, please contact me for more information.