Clinical Supervision

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On my journey to becoming a therapist, I had the pleasure of working with a variety of professionals who became my mentors in the mental health field. In particular, I owe a great deal of gratitude to my clinical supervisor, who helped me refine my skills and develop my understanding of who I am as a therapist. I am excited to be able to offer the same guidance to new marriage and family therapists. 

In supervision, I promote openness and trust within the supervisor-supervisee relationship. My ability to support your development as a clinician hinges on your ability to be honest about yourself and about your work with clients. Not only do I want to provide a safe environment for you to explore the challenges of becoming a marriage and family therapist, but I also want to be sure of your commitment to ethical practice. As a clinician and a supervisor, I emphasize mindfulness, emotional experience, and self-compassion within a systemic perspective. I will ask you to be thoughtful and authentic in your approach, utilizing both theory and relationship to offer healing to your clients. I welcome feedback, questions, and - most important - collaboration. 

At this time, I am providing supervision online and over the phone, in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists.

If you are interested in LMFT Supervision, please contact me.