Therapy for Therapists

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You spend so much of your time and energy being there for others. Sitting with people in their darkest moments and celebrating each small victory on the way to their goals. You appreciate those you work with and feel privileged that they would be so vulnerable and brave with you.

But what about you? 

Where do you go when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

When your relationships hurt?

When it feels like you’re losing control?

My hope is that you recognize the value in seeking your own support. My hope is that you honor yourself the way you honor those you support, by asking someone else to do for you what you so diligently do for others.

What would it be like to ask for help? How would it feel to lay down the mantle of healer and be the one who needs healing? 

As a therapist, I understand the unique experience of being a helping professional and want to offer you the kindness, validation, and empathy you deserve. Not just because you’re a therapist, but because you’re also a human with feelings, thoughts, and needs of your own.

We all talk about the importance of self-care.

Are you taking the time you need for yourself? 

Can I support you in your self-care efforts?

If you’re curious about working with me, contact me to learn more.