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When your relationship hurts, you hurt.

You try to communicate, but it always ends up in an argument. You're dealing with the same problems over and over again, but you can't find resolution. You're missing that feeling of closeness, intimacy, and passion. You want a better relationship, but you feel like you've tried everything to get it. Where do you go from here?

The relationship you want is within reach!

It takes dedication and conscious effort, but you can have the relationship of your dreams. As your couples or individual therapist, I want to help you identify the obstacles that keep you from having the life you want. That includes creating a healthier relationship with yourself, as well as with the important people in your life.

As your therapist, I want to help you...

  • Understand the importance of your personal story and learn to write a more fulfilling one.
  • Cope with overwhelming emotions like sadness, anger, and stress.
  • Discover how to impact your thoughts, feelings, and worldview through mindfulness and self-compassion.
  • Create a vision of your future that will guide your daily actions and keep you on track to the life you want.
  • Inspire acceptance, love, and forgiveness.

Shameela Keshavjee, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Texas LMFT #201087
Kansas LCMFT #03319

People and the way they relate to each other have fascinated me since I was young. As a quiet observer, I recognized the evolution within relationships and within people, as well as a desire to be connected to each other. Sometimes that connection gets disrupted... And here is where I found my strength and my passion. There is nothing more gratifying than watching you move from disconnection to reconnection.

I consider it a privilege and an honor to guide you on your journey. For this reason, I left agency work for private practice so I could focus on helping people like you who just want more stability and security in your lives and in your relationships.

On a personal note, I am a huge proponent of supporting mental health through food and fitness, so you'll often find me trying out new recipes in the kitchen, on my yoga mat, or lifting weights. I also love to read, write, and immerse myself in art. Music, movies, and dance are some of my favorites, especially when I get to experience them with my family and friends.

Are you ready to take the first step?

My Experience

I began my private practice in Denton, Texas in 2010 and transitioned to working full-time in Southlake, Texas in 2015. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I went fully online to continue to provide people with ongoing access to therapy. Since then, I have welcomed new folks into my practice and have decided to remain online as a telehealth provider for the foreseeable future.

I work primarily with couples and adults from all over Texas and Kansas. I welcome both unmarried and married couples and the LGBTQIA+ community.

From 2007 to 2011, I provided social skills groups and individual therapy in alternative education settings and an inpatient substance abuse treatment facility in Denton and Dallas, respectively.

In January 2009, I finished two years working as a contract family therapist for Youth and Family Counseling in Flower Mound, where I conducted therapy with a variety of individuals, couples, and families. I also participated in the First Offender Program, which offered family therapy as an alternative to legal consequences for teens under 17.

In the past, I have worked with foster children and their families, providing leadership and support, as well as in-home therapy and crisis intervention. I also have some experience working with domestic violence survivors, offering individual and group therapy, as well as crisis intervention.

Education & Licensure

At The Family Institute, I received extensive education in treating individuals, couples, and families from pioneers and innovators in the field of family therapy. Unlike other programs, the Family Institute requires students to begin offering therapy during their first year of training. As a result of such a rigorous experience, upon graduation, I felt confident and ready to provide therapy to many different types of people.

Once I began working in the mental health field, I continued my education through supervision with Dr. Adam Coffey. With his guidance, I further developed my identity as a therapist, strengthening my ability to integrate practical application of theory with the creation of authentic, supportive relationships. Dr. Coffey also encouraged my study of mindfulness-based practices. As I incorporated mindfulness into my therapeutic approach, I found it to be a powerful tool for re-energizing and transforming lives.

Continuing Education

I continue to educate myself on new research and methods to enhance my skills as a therapist. It's a requirement of my ongoing licensure with the Texas State Board, but it is also a way I remain a benefit to those I support. The following list includes some of the training opportunities I've participated in that have most influenced my practice as a marriage and family therapist.

  • 2023, Conflict and Restlessness in Modern Love
  • 2023, EMDR
  • 2022, Inside the Office of Esther Perel, Live Couples Therapy and Supervision
  • 2021, The Great Adaptation: How We Can Stay Grounded When the Ground is Moving, hosted by Esther Perel
  • 2019, Finding Eros: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Love, Lust, and Commitment, hosted by Esther Perel
  • 2018, Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • 2017, Technology Assisted Therapy
  • 2016, Rethinking Infidelity with Esther Perel
  • 2014, Utilizing Sex Therapy & Attachment
  • 2012, Level I Training: Gottman Method Couples Therapy

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