Mindfulness, Self-Awareness

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be a strange or confusing topic for people. Depending on whom you ask, you might get a variety of responses regarding its definition, its usefulness, and how it works. Some people even equate it with a religious or spiritual experience, but not everyone feels this is necessary. For me, mindfulness simply refers to a capacity to be aware of yourself in the moment and deeply engaged with the world around you. You can call this "being present." Rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, you can tune into what's happening right in front of you. There is a peaceful quality to being mindful, because you are not reactive to your emotions or other people's behavior. You are able to step back, be curious about your experience in the here-and-now, and make conscious decisions about how to respond to a given situation. You can develop stronger relationships, because you will feel more attuned to your loved ones.

Mindfulness can also refer to the practices that allow us to develop this kind of self-awareness. So you don't have to be concerned that mindfulness is only accessible to a certain group of experts with special abilities. I believe anyone can achieve the ability to be more present. I look forward to exploring how mindfulness can become part of your healing process.

Some of my favorite resources to learn more about mindfulness include mindful.org and mindbodygreen.com.